Izzy, labeled "The Psycho", was a contestant on Total Drama Island. The only contestant to be excited and intrigued by their situation, Izzy unnerved her fellow prisoners with her carefree attitude and love of death.

Coverage Edit

Izzy was the last camper to arrive in Not So Happy Campers, Part 1! She initially expressed great joy in partaking in the death game, wondering who would die first. She was placed on the Killer Bass team, and later antagonized a distraught Bridgette, causing her teammates to scold her.

In Not So Happy Campers, Part 2!, Izzy jumped no problem into the water, and later helped her team carry the pieces of her teams hot tub to the cabins. She startled her teammates when she happily chewed open the wooden crates, disturbing even Eva. Izzy concocted a plan to eliminate the recently crippled Tyler by sabotaging her team, carving an obscene insult directed at Chris on the back of their hot tub, causing them to lose the challenge. This shocked her teammates way more than anything she had done prior, and it ended up being her downfall, as the rest of the Killer Bass would rather keep Tyler, someone who is crippled but tried, over Izzy, who was crazy and dangerous. She was the first camper voted out in a 6-5 vote. Pleading and begging, she was killed by Chris via a bullet to the brain.

Trivia Edit

  • Right before Izzy dies, she cries "Izzy wasn't supposed to be the one to die first! She was supposed to have seen the blood of at least six people!" This is a nod to her canon placement as the seventh person eliminated.
  • Izzy is one of two people to not see anyone killed. The other person is Owen.
  • Izzy is one of three people to not ever receive a marshmallow. The others are Owen and Sierra.
  • Izzy is the only person to purposefully sabotage their team.