Owen, labeled "The Optimist", was a contestant on Total Drama Island. Perhaps too optimistic, Owen's bodily functions disgusted most of his teammates, and most found his happiness grating.

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Owen was the twentieth contestant to arrive in Not So Happy Campers, Part 1!. His optimism was unnerving to the other contestants, leading many to think that Owen was oblivious or just plain unintelligent. He, along with many of the girls, noticed how attractive Justin is.

In Not So Happy Campers, Part 2!, Owen moved into the cabins with the rest of the Screaming Gopher boys. He cheered Justin on during the first challenge, calling him "hot stuff". Heather attempted to bully Owen into jumping after his initial hesitance, but it backfired, and Owen ran away, sobbing.

He continued to cheer on his team optimistically, fraying their nerves. He and Lindsay gathered water. He, along with the rest of the Screaming Gophers, cheered when they won.

In The Awakethon!, Owen ate fourteen bowls of gruel, alarming his teammates. After a mere few seconds of the first part of the second challenge, a twenty kilometer race, Owen had to run to the bathroom after eating too much breakfast.

Owen was in last place in the race, and didn't even come close to finishing it. He was also the first person to fall asleep in the actual Awakeathon. It looked like Cody was going to be the one eliminated, but Trent schemed a little after giving some misleading advice to Cody, and got some of the others to vote for Owen due to his poor performance and obnoxious personality. Owen was eliminated in a 5-4-2 vote, and was forced to take a cyanide pill. None of his teammates stayed with him, and he died alone.

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